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When shopping for a new bed for your dog there are certainly some priorities to consider. Thinking of your dog's comfort and health should be of greatest importance as they will probably be spending many hours every day on it. Certainly, the durability of the bed is a consideration, so you will want to check out the construction. Some dogs tend to chew their beds so perhaps that is a factor for you as well. In this article you will read about the features of the Coolaroo Dog Bed that make good sense to dogs and their owners.

All- Weather Fabric

One of the unique features of the Coolaroo dog bed is the fabric that is used for the cot. This all weather outdoor fabric is designed to hold up in all kinds of weather without deteriorating. A dog bed is only one application for this fabric. Other applications that indicate the durability of it are that it is used for sun umbrellas and sun shades for windows as well as over patio areas.

Prevents dirt and dust build-up, keeps fleas away

The Coolaroo fabric is woven in a manner for air to flow freely through it. This allows for your dog to stay cool and comfortable even on the most brutal summer days. This weave will also prevent dust and dirt from settling on the cot area of the bed. These particles will just fall through the fabric. In addition, any rain water cannot puddle and the cot area cannot hold water, therefore, your dog will not be resting on a soaked bed. With a clean and dry area, the dog will have fewer fleas and insects to deal with.

Mold and Mildew Resistant

The Coolaroo fabric is mold and mildew resistant. For the health of your dog, you do not want them to be sleeping on a moldy bed. These beds are fabulous to be used as an outdoor dog bed for this reason. They are also easy to clean by just hosing them down.

Raised Dog Bed For Health and Comfort

The coolaroo dog beds are designed to be elevated off the ground. In general, raised dog beds are more comfortable for dogs since they are not lying on hard, cold or damp ground. It makes it easier for them to move around and find their most comfortable way to stretch out. Keeping the dog above the ground tends to keep the fleas and insects away for the dog as well.

Durable and Non-Chewable Dog Bed

The beds are built to last with frames of either lightweight steel or aluminum. The non-chewable frame is your answer if your dog is a chewer. Even if you are not looking for an unchewable bed the Coolaroo is a good choice because it is built to last. Chances are the frame will outlast the fabric bed area so fortunately, there are Coolaroo dog bed replacement covers available.

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