Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How To Train Your Dog To Ring A Bell

When your dog wants to go out to relieve herself, she will try to communicate it to you with her body language that you don't recognize. If you train your dog to ring a bell, you can help her to communicate to you her need to go outside to relieve herself.

Before you begin training your dog to ring a bell, go to your local craft store and buy some bells. String the bells in one cord.

After you have string the bells to one cord, hang it on the door that your dog used to go outside to relieve herself. Make sure the cord is attached securely on the door at your dog's eye level.

The next morning, when you let your dog out to relieve herself, ring the bell before opening the door for her. You can initiate the bell ringing by telling your dog, "I have to go out." Your dog will understand you.

Next time, the dog will learn to associate the bell ringing as a way of communication to tell you her need to go outside to relieve herself. When your dog sniffs at the bell, praise her and give her a treat.

Another method is by teaching your dog to target. Extend your hand at her nose level. When she touches your hand with her nose, reward her with a treat and praise her. Keep repeating this exercise over several training sessions.

When your dog is reliably touching your hand with her nose, hold the bells on the door and say "Touch." Repeat this several times until your dog consistently tap on the bell. If your dog refuses to touch the bell, smear some delicious foods that she loves to eat, for example peanut butter, on the outside of the bells.

Every time your dog wants to go outside, walk her to the door. Ask your dog to touch the bell before opening the door. You may hang the bells on other doors that you used to take your door out for a walk. You are to ask her to ring the bells each time she exits.

If you have been continuously training your dog, your dog will learn to pick up the trick after a week or so. Once your dog has learned how to ring the bell on cue, wait for her to ring the bell each time before you go out with her. In this way, your dog will perceive that she may ring the bell without you giving the command to do so and that you will open the door for her. When your dog does ring the bell, praise her and immediately open the door to let her go outside. Continue to praise your dog each time your dog rings the bell and when she returns to indoor from outside.

Bell training is not a difficult task although it requires a lot of consistency. The bell ringing trick is suitable to be taught to puppies and dogs that are already toilet trained. If you start early and are patience, it is possible to train your dog to ring a bell whenever she wants to be let outside to relieve herself.

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