Sunday, June 13, 2010

Your Pet's Divorce Therapy

With the stress you're under and all the issues you must deal with, a valuable member of your family is neglected - Your pet!

You still provide the basic necessities, but you probably don't realize that divorce affects them as well.

You are their world. They watch you closely and they feel the tension and upset of the household. The crying, arguing, loud noises affect them deeply, making them frightened and insecure.

While your pet's stress level is increasing, the attention you give them is decreasing. At a time when the last thing you need is more problems your pet gives them to you.

Behavior problems vary in decree such as chewing, barking, digging, soiling in the house, perhaps even snapping from the nervousness they feel. Any previous bad behavior problem will most likely be exaggerated. Not understanding the problem, you get angry and yell at them, making matters worse.

You need to take your pets feelings into consideration. Be gentle and give them the extra attention they need.

"You don't have time", you'll say. "It's only a pet; I have more important life altering decisions to make."

That may be true, but it's to your benefit to show your pet how much you love them. At this time in your life you are pulled in a million directions, everyone wanting a piece of you. You need peace and quiet, and a place to think, someone to listen. Your pet will offer this to you and more.

Go into your room and cuddle your pet, take advantage of the unconditional love they willingly provide. Talk to them in quiet tones, they will be soothed by your voice. You have the benefit of hearing your thoughts, helping you to think out your complicated issues. When you are at your lowest, sometimes you feel rejected and unloved. Just look into their eyes; feel their unconditional love and you won't feel as alone. Rely on them, lean on them, they won't mind.

Nursing homes have tapped into the wealth of comfort pets provide by having them visit the residents on a regular basis. You can see the joy in their eyes as they stroke and cuddle the furry visitor.

To help alleviate your stress, take your pet for a long walk, the exercise helps them reduce the anxiety they feel and helps you to clear your head.

You will truly realize why animals are called man/woman's best friend. Whatever happens, your pet will always love you unconditionally and be there for you. Take advantage of the tremendous comfort they give. Go through your situation together. You will be amazed at the source of your support.

All while being your pets divorce therapist!

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