Friday, June 11, 2010

Treatment For Yeast Infection in Dogs

It is important to periodically check your dog for yeast related diseases especially if your dog has lots of wool and flippy ears etc. In case your dog got yeast infection it is important to realize that it will take time for it to heal and fully re-cooperate. Before starting any treatment it is advisable to get a diagnosis from a certified veterinarian and follow a treatment recommended by them.

One thing to keep in mind is that treatment of yeast infection in dogs is kind of a two fold process. You need to fight the infection internally as well as externally. Internally fighting the infection means providing the dog with a healthy diet with the correct supplements and fighting it externally means cleaning the dog with correct shampoo, powder etc.

When it comes to fighting the infection internally providing the dog with a healthy diet is the most important things. Since yeast is a bacteria adding vitamin C to the diet is good to fight the bacteria. Another popular home remedy is adding yogurt to your dogs meal. People have seeing trusted results with this and it is only yogurt so you can be sure that it want harm your dog. Although it is alright to try out some home remedies if the problem continues for a while like two weeks it is a good idea to consult a veterinarian. When it comes to the diet raw meat is the best thing you can provide during this period.

Another home remedy that can be applied externally and which is quite popular among most dog owners as well is applying apple cider vinegar. Apply this again for around two weeks and if you are not seeing results consult a veterinarian.

There is nothing to be scared about yeast infection but if you don't diagnosis it properly and didn't treat it on time it can lead to other disease like rashes, fur loss etc so be careful and treat it quickly.

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