Friday, June 11, 2010

How an aggressive dog can be your true friend

Dogs usually exchange information through different kinds of barking. To some content, it is a natural way of communication just as the speaking that humans do. But, excessive barking may bother you and your neighbors a lot. Sometimes you need them to be quiet and the best way is to train them not to bark.

Before the training, it is very necessary for you to know the reasons that the dogs bark. One of the reasons is that they bark just because they are kept in a small area for quite a long time and they feel alone and lack of care. They bark in order to attract your attention. Sometimes, the dogs also bark to express the anxiety for their owner. For example, if you have not come back home for a long time, your dog will be worried about you and it will bark many times. Less exercise also cause excessive barking because doing some exercises will make the dogs happy and be more active. And most of the times, dogs will bark as a result of sadness or depress.

Here are some useful ways to help you keep your dogs quiet. Firstly, you should let your dogs feel your love and make it feel less lonely. You can take it outside for a walk or play some games with it which can make it tired and sleepy. When you are at home, you had better keep it with you and give it some care. In this way, it will feel your love and believe to be a member of the whole family. Secondly, more doggy friends will help. As dogs also need some friends of their species, you can take it to the park nearby where other dogs are also there and your dog can have more friends. Thirdly, you should let your dog know you do not want it to bark. As the dogs cannot understand what you say, but you can do some body languages to let them know. If your dog is barking, you can give some punishment like clapping. You can say no to it when your dog is barking but it may have less effect than praising it with some food when it is quiet.

As your dog may need some time to understand what is accepted and what is forbidden, you are required to have enough patience to train it regularly and consistently. It may take you a few weeks to months to remove this habit. So, don not be too hurry to make your dog change its old habit. Keep in practice and take good care of your dog, you will see the development.

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