Monday, July 19, 2010

24 Hours In The Life Of A Dog Trainer

Have you ever wonder what entitles to be a certified dog trainer? What kind of education does it take to become a dog trainer? First and for most, the dog trainer must love pets, otherwise he would not enjoy his task and would be a hard task to have to train dogs day in and day out. Then he would have to take a course to become a certified dog trainer. It would be better if the dog trainer take a course of several months duration and that he or she have spent some time at a veterinarian office or at a dog training facility doing hands on work.

If you own a dog, you are very well aware that you are the center of your dog's life. And chances are that you love your pet dearly, but do you have all the knowledge and time required to train your dog? Training a dog has become a specialist's job. Not only do trainers apply to the pets the latest dog training tips, but they also need to know why the dog is acting or behaving in a particular way.

If you are not too excited about the idea of training your dog or about taking care of your pet training requirements, you should seriously consider hiring a dog trainer. The characteristics you should look in a trainer are patience and commitment to take care of dogs. You also want to be certain that the trainer uses positive reinforcement and not negative reinforcement or punishment to train your dog.

Most people postpone the dog training classes until their pet has developed a behavioral problem or the dog has become hostile and aggresive, or had bitten someone. Don't be like them. Don't wait until is too late. Preventing dog behavioral problems is a major instrument that dog trainers can help you with.

If you have ever seen a dog trainer in action, you probably noticed that as soon as they come into contact with the dog they seem to immediately be in control of the situation, and not the dog. This is a clear indication that this trainer is confident, and probably very knowledgeable about his career.

To effectively train a dog, the trainer must know how the dog's mind and body works. They also need to know how to effectively communicate with the pet. The best time to train your dog is when he is a young pup. Puppy training tends to be easier because dogs are more receptive to learning when they are in the early states of their life.

When you hire a dog trainer, he or she will provide you with multiple training techniques and methods that are tried and proved. You will have to apply these dog training techniques at home in a consistent basis. Don't make the mistake of believing that because you hired a dog trainer, you will not have to work with your dog. The contrary is true, the trainer will teach you how to handle your dog, but you will be responsible of applying these techniques at home.

Make certain that the dog trainer is certified, and you might even ask to see his certification papers. Remember your dog's future and yours even, are in this trainer's hands.

Don't get frustrated if your dog behaves better with the dog trainer that he does with you, this is actually normal. The trainer have more experience handling dogs than you do, and therefore he will come out more dominant toward your dog than you probably will. Just apply the learned dog training techniques properly and you will enjoy a well trained dog for many years to come.

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