Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Really Stop a Dog From Biting

While you may think it is cute when your new puppy bites, you will soon find out it is not. Letting your puppy bite can lead to some very serious issues in the future. Your puppy may seem like it is playing, but what it is really doing is trying to become the leader. This is why it is a must to learn how to stop a dog from biting.

The first step to learn about how to stop a dog from biting is to provide your puppy with a lot of chew toys. Let it chew on the toys, but when it bites you, make a loud noise. This noise will startle the puppy. If it doesn't stop them in their tracks and it continues to bite, walk away. If this doesn't work, remove the puppy from the situation by placing it in a crate.

With an older dog that is in its teen years, you may find they are constantly trying to chew at your fingers. Again, use the same methods as above. Make sure you are teaching your dog some obedience, as well and incorporate what they have learned into the training. For example, if they are biting you, tell them to sit and stay. If this isn't working, you may even want to purchase a muzzle for them.

Those that have brought home an older dog and have found it to be displaying a little aggression, you will want to put a stop to this quickly. Muzzles, crate training, and obedience classes can help you to get your new dog under control. Just like with a puppy, removing the dog from the situation can help to teach them that their behavior is not appropriate.

Many people often have no clue of how to stop a dog from biting and can actually make the problem worse. The answer is obedience training. No matter what age your dog is, obedience training will let the dog know that you are in charge. Biting is not necessarily a sign that your dog may have to be put down, it is, however, a sign that your dog needs to learn its place.

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