Friday, July 9, 2010

How to Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior and Biting

No matter how cute your puppy or dog is, if it keeps chewing and biting soon it will not seem so cute to you. It is important that you know how to stop your dog from biting and save yourself a lot of embarrassment in front of guests or in public. In fact, if the dog's biting habits are not controlled, he or she might actually hurt someone, or destroy the contents of your home. Training is necessary to teach some puppies appropriate chewing and biting behaviors.

The best way to go about it is to buy a few chewing toys for your dogs. They are easily available from a pet store and do not cost much. Many pet owners who have problems with their dog's chewing and biting habits purchase chew toys that have a treat inside of them. A dog's sense of smell will keep him or her chewing on the toy all afternoon to reach the yummy treat inside. Once the dog understands that there are no benefits to biting you, he or she will start looking for the chew toys instead.

Another effective yet easy way is to handle its biting like its mother would. Whenever your dog bites or chews on your pajama bottoms, open up your mouth and let out a loud yelp. If that doesn't work then simply leave the room. If It follows you and continues to chew on your feet, place it in the crate or kennel. But be careful! Don't hold a grudge against it and lock it for too long. A short timeout would work. Never take the offending puppy out of the crate if he or she is whining. Wait until he or she is quiet.

Aggressive puppies not trained correctly turn into aggressive adult dogs and can then become very dangerous to young children and sometimes their owners. Try the above suggestions and remember you need to be the dominant leader of dog. Aggressive behavior is them asserting their belief that they are dominant over you.

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