Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to Shampoo a Dog Correctly

When you are bathing the dogs in your dog grooming business, there are two things which are very important. One is the shampoo which you are using and the other thing is whether you are applying it properly. If you don't apply the shampoo properly, it can enter the eyes of the dog. This could result in further complications for your doggie customers.

When you are using shampoo on the dogs you need to be very careful to use high quality products that will not harm their skin.

Bathing and grooming is very important for keeping dogs healthy. However, frequent bathing could cause skin to become dry and itchy and lead to dermatitis or eczema. To a great extent the dog's owner will determine how often they want their dog shampooed, but if you can tell that it is too often it is up to you to advise against it and point out the reason why, rather than just accepting what they want - because if the dog does get something wrong with its skin you will be very likely to get the blame.

There are a lot of dogs that feel great when you bathe them frequently, while there are others which cannot tolerate frequent bathing. If the dog is fond of playing outside and keeps getting dirty, then it should be given a bath to avoid getting infections. Also it is quite important that such bathing is done properly in order to keep it clean.

The dog's bath water should not be too hot or too cold, but lukewarm. Fill up the bathtub with lukewarm water up to the knee of the dog. It would be better to use a restraint, if you think your dog could get aggressive when you are putting it in the bath tub. The restraint will keep the dog stable. In case your dog is heavy, you can get others to help lift him and put him in the bathtub.

Use a hand-held shower to wet the dog all over. Do not to spray water directly on the face of the dog or it may be scared. Slowly increase the quantity of water and apply the shampoo slowly on the back and sides of the dog and foam it up. Use the foam to massage the entire body of the dog. Use a sponge to wash the eyes, mouth, ears and nose of the dog. It would be better to shampoo the body of the dog and wash it completely before you wash the face of the dog. The dog's face needs to be washed with extreme care.

It would be a good practice to use a comb for brushing off any dirt particles from the dog's hair before bathing. It is important that you apply the shampoo on all the parts of the body and wash it thoroughly so that there is no dirt left. It is good to close the dog's eyes while you are washing the body. This is a good strategy to ensure the soap does not get into the dog's eyes.

Wash the dog until you are sure it is clean. Just because you have given a bath does not mean the dog is clean. You may have to bathe the dog more than once to make it clean. Make sure to wash off the soap. Use a dry towel to clean the dog. Now use a moisturizer on its body so that it looks and smells good. You can use a comb to give your dog different hair styles. Avoid using a blow dryer to dry the dog, unless this is absolutely necessary such as with those breeds that have really thick hair.

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