Saturday, July 10, 2010

Things to Consider Before Handling an Aggressive Dog Breed

Are you willing to take the risk with an aggressive dog breed? This is something you should ask yourself before you decide to take in a dog from a breed that is traditionally viewed as dangerous. Before you make the decision, there are a couple of concerns you should have in mind.

The Breed is Not the Problem

The common belief is that dog breeds can be categorized. Hence, potential dog owners can avoid aggressive breeds if they wish to. It is partly true that some breeds may have stronger tendencies for aggression than other breeds. It is not true however that some breeds are naturally aggressive. Most of the time, humans and the environment are responsible for aggressive tendencies in dogs. A dog from any breed can become aggressive under certain conditions.

Your Handling Strategies Matter

An aggressive dog breed can be created by the way you handle it. Ignoring your dog for prolonged periods, lashing out on your dog or teaching it to be defensive are sure ways to encourage aggressive tendencies. If you don't want your dog to go overboard with barking or attacking strangers, you need to change your dog handling ways. Make sure you avoid physical punishment and that you provide it with opportunities to socialize with people in the family or with other dogs.

Aggressive Dogs Can be Helped

A so-called aggressive dog breed can be helped. If you have one and it is causing you some trouble, you should consider having it trained. Many qualified trainers would know how to safely and effectively handle a potentially dangerous dog. If your dog is not severely aggressive, you may attempt to train it yourself.

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