Sunday, July 11, 2010

Puppies Aggressive Behaviour - Stop it Before Its Too Late

Did you know that half of household insurance claims are due to dog bites. Some people have proven that some aggression can be due to genetics, but it is not all the cause for dog aggressive behaviour, it can be purely that your puppy has not been trained.

Stop your puppies aggressive behaviour before it's too late, by first of all choosing the right puppy for the family and training your pup form the start.

Choose the right puppy for your family.

Choosing the right temperament of dog is very important to help stop aggressive behaviour in puppies as some need more training than others.

When choosing from a litter make sure that you ask to see the temperament of the mum as you could get a good idea what temperament the pups could be from seeing her as an adult.

Watch out for the shy puppies when choosing from a litter, these are pups that generally need a lot of training. They usually are on their own and won't come to you when viewing the puppy pack.

On the other side a dominant dog will be a handful and also need a lot of training, when viewing the pack dominant pups may also be very much on their own as they are very confident.

Then there is the fun middle of the road dogs who will be running around having a great time, these have fantastic temperaments.

Train your Puppy From Day One And Cut Out Aggression

The training that you provide from day one will determine what your puppy will grow up like, its very important that training is a priority, do no training with your puppy and problems can occur.

When you first bring your puppy home, try and do a few things that put you in an authoritative role straight away.

Here Are Some Tips;

1. Always lead your puppy through doorways and up and down the staircase etc a leader leads and lower dogs follow

2. Never allow a puppy to be in a high position, height gives a puppy authority, so keep small dogs off the window ledge, back of sofa and top of stairs especially when you are downstairs.

3. If you have a small dog never pick them up when answering the door this is very important as a lot of aggression happens here, answering a door with a puppy in your arms gives the puppy height and authority this is why biting occurs.

4. Try and get the family not to be too overly boisterous as puppies love any reaction to running and jumping this gets a pup very excited and want to bite.
Getting a puppy used to being handled is very important for when you are taking them to the vets. Most vets need to look in their mouths touch their ears, tail and paws etc so getting a puppy used to being touched in these areas will help stop aggression at the vets.

Its is best to reprimand a dog for any aggressive behaviour with a low tone almost a growl, dog and puppies respond well to voice tones and body language.

Your puppy will soon become a teenager and that is around 16 weeks. Its at this stage that a puppy can start to change and the cheeky behaviour arrives, a few more barks may start to be heard as your puppy starts to become protective and territorial to your home. This behaviour needs to be watched as barking can lead to aggression, do not leave a puppy to bark out of control at the door as aggression can happen as soon as you open the door to your visitor and a bite occur.

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