Friday, July 9, 2010

Aggressive Dog Training - Does My Dog Need It?

Some may wonder about how to recognize the signs of being in need of aggressive dog training, if their dog has the symptoms and what needs to be done if their dog does need it.

An aggressive pup will show signs like snarling, barking, growling, baring teeth, and in the worst cases, biting. If yours displays any of these symptoms then your dog needs training as soon as possible to help control its behavior.

Once this is done, you will find that you and your puppy's lives will be much happier and easier to deal with.

There are different possible reasons behind a dog's aggression. These include fear, jealousy, bad treatment by previous owners, being territorial, or other unknown reasons. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to being aggressive than others such as Rottweilers or Chow Chows.

Because they are territorial, you may also find that your dog can be agitated if he feels threatened that you or anyone else may take his belongings such as his food or favorite toy. They also may show aggression if someone comes near you while you are sleeping as they feel they need to protect you. Dogs are pack animals so they also want their place in their pack known.

Dogs that have been abused will be fearful of strangers and may bark, snarl or bite strangers that get too close. This does not mean they are bad dogs, it is just that they are scared and want to defend themselves.

Socializing is important in puppies and if puppies are not socialized, they are more likely to be aggressive. A dog who had a previous owner that abused it or rewarded aggressive behavior is another cause of dog aggression.

Aggressive dog training will teach dogs what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not. With time and effort you can train your dog to stop the aggressive behavior.

It is important to start training an aggressive dog right away because people are afraid of them and for obvious safety reasons. Nobody wants their dog to bite someone.

When a dog shows aggressive behavior, give the dog a loud and firm "No!" and put him in time out. Dogs love attention from their owners and this time out will take that away after the bad behavior.

Let the dog out after the designated time and the next time he becomes aggressive, do the same thing and the dog will understand that this negative behavior makes his master upset.

Aggressive dog training is an effective remedy to all of these issues when done correctly and consistently. It is up to you to stay diligent and remain focused. Dogs need to be guided and taught that there is an Alpha dog in the relationship and that the role is already taken by you.

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