Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pointers in Choosing a German Shepherd Puppy

erman shepherds, also called Alsatians in Britain, are an intelligent, loyal, and eager-to-please breed of canines. If it is probably your first time to decide on finally having a German shepherd dog in your house, you would have a hard time thinking, "What are the things you should look into in choosing a puppy?" This should not be a problem at all if you know some things about the breed.

There are many things to look into when choosing a pup. Some people would choose on the basis of outward appearance. For instance, some would want that beautiful white Alsatians with very beautiful fur indeed. And some would prefer the brownish or grayish brown ones. Whatever it is, physical appearances even in choosing dogs matter.

On the other hand, others would choose puppies on the basis of temperament because this will determine the adaptability of the puppy on any kind of working condition. With a sound temperament, German shepherd dogs are equipped with better coping skills even in the most desperate of conditions. To get straight to the matter, know first what the purpose of your pup will be. Learning this will make choosing more easy. Of course, temperaments matter in whatever purpose you have for your dog. Nevertheless, assessing also your own needs will mellow what seems like a difficult task.

Where can we possibly get the kind of German shepherd dog we want? This is another tough question, but there are ways to make this even easier as well as fun. Know the breeders of these dogs and their contact numbers. To make finding them easier, you can use the Internet or check on the Yellow Pages for a German shepherd breeder. You can also check your local animal shelter or GSD Rescue Service, so that at least, you are confident that you got your dog from the right breeder. Another thing you can learn about breeders is through referrals, usually given by vets or dog groomers in your area. Think of choosing a pup like making a thorough canvass of every possible detail, as you will be making investment on the dog you are going to have.

Do your research rather carefully and make sure you get to the bottom of every recommendation and reference by asking a lot of questions. Just like buying a car or choosing where you to live, if ever a German shepherd breeder offers you a deal, don't take it once. Think through the research you have done because maybe just somewhere, you will find a better deal and a better pup. You'll know if a breeder is the right one for if he is truly interested in the breed. They are those who would not only seek to be paid, but also be concerned abut finding a new home for the pups. They, after all, need a family whom they could treat like a pack. When talking to your breeder of choice, don't get intimidated about offers and don't be afraid to ask too many questions such as the dog's pedigree, food, registration papers, diseases and how often he screens each pup from them etc. Take your time in corresponding with him first through e-mail or phone calls before finally deciding.

Once you have done all these, now you are all set in choosing and buying a German shepherd pup.

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