Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dog Psychology - Context

Nothing is separate and apart from nature. Dogs build a bridge and create a direct link and association between the psychological and the physical which is extended and shared with us through nature. Issues which are linked to certain behaviors represent a misalignment with nature. When methods, techniques and devices fail to resolve these unwanted behaviors it is due to a disconnect between the physical, the owner, and this nature shared psychological connection.

A level of emotion can create a separation based it being interpreted as weakness and empowerment through nature. This giving away of power allows a dog to govern his / her own destiny outside and beyond the owners direct influence. A level of influence may be perceived by the owner which is in reality independent and separate from nature. Within this context attempts to influence and direct the dog's mind apart from nature through conditioning, counter conditioning become empty and without meaning. It allows the dog to control and hold onto power. It fails to expose the real issue and probem. It is like putting the quarter into the toll booth to get to the next stop.

To understand behavior beyond response and movement the owner must connect the dots through various influences, links and associations. Leashes, lines, devices, interactions and rituals can be a pathway leading no where if they fail to follow and align with what nature demands through the psychological. The physical is merely an extension. Once the truth is revealed the path becomes clear and the journey short.

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