Sunday, July 4, 2010

Which Breeds of Dog Are Hypoallergenic?

A dog can be a great addition to any family or an excellent companion for someone living on his or her own. One of the problems with dogs, however, is that some people who would love to own them are allergic to them, especially their fur. The great news is that there are many breeds of dog that are hypoallergenic and completely safe for people with allergies.

A toy poodle is a great choice for a dog lover with allergies. These little dogs only grow to be about ten inches and six to nine pounds when they are full grown. They are very intelligent and are said to be one of the most trainable breeds of dog. They are natural leaders and can become ill tempered if they are not taught as puppies that the human is in charge but, with the proper discipline, they can get along well with children.

Another small dog that will not cause any allergies is the bichon frise. At their full adult size, they can be between nine and twelve inches and anywhere from seven to twelve pounds. Although they are small dogs, they do not tend to yap so they are a great choice for someone living in an apartment, provided that they are given enough exercise. A bichon frise will be naturally sociable and will be happiest when living as part of a family with children.

The border terrier is a slightly larger dog that is safe for a person with animal allergies. When they are fully grown, these dogs are between thirteen and sixteen inches and eleven to sixteen pounds. They are affectionate dogs, mild mannered and good with children. If they are properly introduced, they can get along well with cats but they are natural hunters and should not be left alone near smaller pets such as hamsters or birds.

Animal lovers with allergies who prefer larger dogs may want to look into getting a giant schnauzer. When these dogs reach their adult size, they are between twenty-three and twenty-eight inches and can weigh as much as eighty pounds. They are easy to train and respond best to calm consistency with positive reinforcement but they have the potential to become destructive if they are not given the appropriate amount of physical and mental exercise each day.

Having dog allergies does not necessarily mean that someone cannot have a pet dog. They simply need to find a hypoallergenic breed of dog that will not aggravate their allergies. There are many options of beautiful, friendly dogs that are perfectly healthy for someone with allergies.

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