Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stop Dog Aggression - Steps to Stop Aggressive Dogs Today

An aggressive dog is something that needs to be tamed right away. Dog aggression is dangerous to you, others and your dog. You have to be a responsible dog owner and learn how to stop it right away. You need to stop this today if you want to get back your lovable pet and keep everyone safe.

Get Professional Help

It is not something you can ignore or let go. At the first signs that your dog is starting to become aggressive you need to seek help. Your first stop should be your veterinarian. He or she can give you advice and guidance, plus they can rule out possible health issues that may be causing the aggression.

If your dog gets a clean bill of health then you should also speak with a dog trainer. A trainer will help you to figure out the underlying issues at hand here. One of the keys to stop dog aggression is understanding what it is that is making the dog act out in a aggressive way.

Make Your Own Observations

As the dog's owner, nobody knows better than you about changes in your dog's life. You will probably be the best person to spot, recognize and figure out what is triggering the aggressive behavior in your dog. You should think about any changes in your dog's environment. Think about anything new in his life that may be bringing on this attitude.

You may have to observe your dog over tie to figure out just what is happening. It can take some careful work to figure out just what is the root of the problem, but it is worth your time and efforts to figure it out.

Start Training or Treatment

If your veterinarian has found an underlying health issue that may be the cause of the aggression than it is worth cost to get your dog treated. However, if your dog has no health issues and the veterinarian does not see any reason for the behavior then you should work with a professional trainer to come up with a behavior modification program.

Behavior modification is a training program that will teach your dog how to react and how to behave without aggression. You may need to have the dog work with the trainer and then also at home with you. It is important to follow the recommendations of the trainer. Your efforts at home will be of the highest importance in order to reinforce non-aggressive behavior in your dog.

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