Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top 5 Types of Aggressive Dog Behaviors

There are different kinds of aggressive dog behaviors. This article may help you know and understand the complexity of this subject and the mere fact that your dog bares its teeth, growls or snarls, regardless of size, breed, sex, age, should be taken carefully and seriously. Such aggressive behavior can mean different things, from a health condition to a type of threat that may eventually be harmful to a person or to other animals. Aggressive temperaments and behaviors should be dealt as early as possible; otherwise, you will suffer from more serious and negative consequences in the future. The good news is that there are many aggressive dog behaviors that can be modified or controlled. Read on and check if you dog's behavior falls in any of the 5 types of aggressive dog behaviors mentioned below:

1. Dominate Aggression
This aggressive dog behavior present in an unpredictable, dangerous bully that may easily frighten some or even all of your family members. Often times, only one family member can control the dog, which may sometimes be friendly and sometimes not. "He doesn't do that very often" is one of the most common comments made by the dominant aggressive dog owners just because they want to justify their dog's unacceptable aggressive behavior. Don't think that your dog is just being protective because for sure, he is absolutely dangerous.

2. Fear Aggression
This aggressive dog behavior is present in a nervous, frightened, and insecure dog. He often reacts and responds to any type of disturbance - from ringing telephones and doorbells to coming animals and people. The reactions may include aggressive growling, barking, snapping, biting, baring teeth, or one or two combinations of any of these aggressive dog behaviors.

3. Overprotective/Territorial Aggression
Dogs that are overprotective and territorial usually pose danger to those entering his territory or domain. He may lunge, growl, and worst, bite. He may take certain noises, like the telephone, as intrusive and he tends to claim the domain his owner is standing in, especially when he is walking with his owner. Thus, he's a threat to anyone entering his space - the yard, house, car, and the bed where he is sleeping.

4. Possessive Aggression
A dog with this aggressive dog behavior is a certainly dangerous. If you notice that he often barks, growls, snaps, or bites, when anyone goes near anything he considers as his, then he may have the so-called possessive aggression.

5. Punishment Aggression
This aggressive dog behavior is often caused by people who were overly dominant and abusive in trying to punish or correct their dogs. How do you expect your dog to respond when you yell at him, point a newspaper or a threatening finger, or hit him? Of course, the dogs of abusive owners will definitely respond in an aggressive manner sooner or later.

Now that you know a little about the complex subject of aggressive dog behavior, don't stop here. Find ways on how you could be a more thoughtful and responsible dog owner.

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