Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dog Obedience Training - The Sit Command

Before you start one of the very first steps in puppy and basic dog obedience training, there are a few things that you should consider.

The aim of all aspects of learning how to train a puppy or dog is to make the training session fun and interesting for your dog. If it seems like just a normal training session your puppy (especially if he is a young puppy) will soon become bored and his attention will wander.
Make sure that you don't make training sessions hours long - little and often is best - twice a day of five to ten minutes is perfect.
Be clear, patient, fair and consistent - you want your puppy to succeed so make it as easy for this to happen as possible.
As we are going to be using reward based training techniques (positive reinforcement) then you will need to have some treats in your pocket and ready to give your puppy lots of praise.
We are often asked - What is the point of training your dog to sit? Well there are lots of reasons why this training technique is useful - firstly any obedience training is a great way for you and your dog or puppy to bond. Another reason is that it reinforces your position as pack leader and alpha male. Finally another useful reason to train your dog or puppy to sit is if your puppy gets over excited and starts jumping up all over you or strangers every time you or other people enter the House you can use this excellent training technique to instantly stop this behavior and remind your dog to sit and behave (just like you know he can)!
The Sit Command Step by Step.
Start by repeating your dogs name so that he knows you are working together and that the training session is about to start.
Get one of the treats and raise it above your puppy's nose and head. At this point your puppy will lift his head and an instant reaction is for your puppy to raise his head and at the same time lower his bottom.
As soon as your puppy has lowered his bottom and is in the sit position - reward him with the treat and give him lots of praise.
It really is that simple but as with any aspect of dog obedience training it may take you longer to perfect the techniques. Some people complain that their dog lies down when they ask him to sit, but if you constantly reward and praise your puppy at the right moment it wont be long before he masters exactly what you are asking.

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