Saturday, July 24, 2010

Portuguese Water Dog Puppies Are an Exceptional Breed of Dog

The Portuguese water dog is as much of a miracle, as it is a treasured pet and skilled swimmer. Various texts from bible times shows this dog's ancestors as being held to almost mythical standards. Modern technology left only slightly more than 50 Portuguese water dog puppies in existence, with few aging adults in existence at the time.

Luckily, some attention to details by careful breeders has brought this dog away from the brink of extinction and they're here to stay. It's a good thing to, as owners of this super-energetic pet say that they wouldn't choose any other animal as an addition to their household.

Portuguese dog puppies and their parents are amazing swimmers (hence their name) and have limitless amounts of energy that make them great play pals for children, adults or other pets. They are also very driven by owners: They love to learn directions and perform tasks. In their history they were used for diving to retrieve dropped equipment items and under-water corralling of fish into the waiting nets of their owners.

It's this lineage that makes Portuguese water dog puppies so highly valued. Due to their near extinction and realization of their history and value -- the breed is worth thousands. Most people who want a Portuguese know this going in though: Breeding a show quality litter of pups is exacting for breeders and "Obama Nation" has created a stir -- since the Obama's own a Portuguese Water Dog.

When you line up to buy your Portuguese water dog puppies from a reputable Breeders Club breeder; expect to be asked just as many questions as you ask yourself. There is a sense of pride and prestige that goes with owning one of these animals. They have specific diets, care needs, etc. and breeders want reassurance that they're placing the dog into prepared hands.

When you finally have your puppy with you at home; all the work will be rewarded with one of the most intelligent, loyal creatures man has ever known.

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