Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fight Dog Skin Problems With These Simple Tips

Alright, so your pet is looking a little mangy around the corners. It's time to get him cleaned up. It's not only because you want him to be more presentable looking when there are visitors-you are avoiding dog skin problems that can arise when you don't take care of him properly. This is not to say you are a terrible pet owner- if you were you wouldn't be reading this right now. However it is very important that you know how to practice dog skin care because this will affect his health as well.

A great diet is vital to improving the canine skin condition. Their skin, after all, is a part of their body that needs nourishment and essential nutrients to keep it looking healthy. There are many excellent commercial pet food-but serving fresh meat, fruit and vegetables are still a better alternative if you ask me. Incidentally, fresh vegetables hold in moisture that contributes to the animal's hydration, keeping their skin looking good.

Look for some dietary supplements containing omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A and E. These serve to further enhance your dog's skin health. Daily add in oils in the dog's meals as well. Try soaking a piece of bread in olive oil and serve it to the canine. This will help in improving the dog's dry and itchy skin.

Bathing may seem like the easiest solution to a dirty dog but you should take care not to bather your dog too often as it strips away his natural oils-- once a month should be sufficient enough. Do not share shampoos with your dog because human shampoos are harsher and get alter the dog's pH levels. Look for specially formulated canine shampoos that contain aloe vera, safflower oil, sunflower oil, silk, wheat or oil proteins.

Brush your dog's coat often. It helps in circulation and in spreading out the oils produced by the canine's skin. Regularly brushing his coat will not only make for great bonding moments, it will also detangle his coat and you will be able to spot check him for mites, parasites and scratches that might have gotten infected.

When you find parasites on your dog you must immediately find a good treatment product available in any pet store. When you get this under control, find a preventive tick creams or spray that will keep the pesky mites at bay. They are not only irritating for your pet-- they can cause serious dog skin problems. The dog will scratch and poke at his skin until he develops open wounds which can be infected when not properly treated.

Go to the vet when you see wounds and lesions consistently, and if they last for more than ten days. It may be that your pet has a medical condition that requires more than dog skin care. Sometimes hormonal and bacterial infections exhibit the same symptoms and should be addressed as soon as possible. Visit the vet often for regular check-ups to maintain his best possible health.

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