Friday, July 2, 2010

What Are the Most Popular Dogs?

Before a family gets a new dog, they may want to investigate which breeds have been the best companions for other families. A great resource is the list published each year by the American Kennel Club of the most popular breeds in the country. By learning about the dogs that have fit the best into other families, it is easy for a family to determine which dog might be best for them.

The fourth most popular breed of dog according to the American Kennel club is the golden retriever. These dogs were originally bred to retrieve game, so they are great choices for hunting dogs as well as search and rescue dogs. They are intelligent and eager to please and their high level of energy makes them excellent playmates.

Coming in third is the energetic and fun loving German Sheppard. These dogs are fearless and strong, which is part of the reason that they are the leading police and military dogs. They are extremely loyal to the families that raise them that is why many choose to use them as guard dogs in their homes.

The second most popular dog for American pet owners is the Yorkshire terrier. These little dogs are very social and need to be played with daily by their owners. However, since they are so small, they do not require a great deal of exercise, making them great apartment dogs. They are very curious and energetic by nature, so they are often a fun pet for a family with children.

The most popular dog in America has been the Labrador retriever for the past eighteen years. These dogs are very gentle and family friendly, so they are the perfect choice for a family that has small children. Their energetic and playful nature makes them the best playmates. In addition, they are very eager to please their masters, a quality which makes them fantastic seeing eye dogs.

When a family is looking for a dog, they should consider what type of breed has the best temperament for children and which will live the most comfortably in their living arrangement. A great way to make the decision is by discussing the options with other families and seeing which breeds have worked out best for them. With a little bit of research, it is easy for any family to find a dog that will be the perfect companion for everyone in the family.

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