Saturday, July 10, 2010

Aggressive Dogs - 9 Tips to Help Avoid Dog Attacks

If you should ever encounter an aggressive dog, do you know what to do? Listed below are some examples of what to do to avoid any potential problems and how to protect yourself in an attack.

· Don't run or scream when you are confronted with a threatening dog; rather stand and hold your ground. Running only increases your chance of getting attacked. Stand your ground and try telling the dog in a firm but calm voice to, "go home," "Go away," or "no."

· Never look the dog directly in his eyes, as he interprets this as a challenge. Keep the dog in your peripheral vision so you are aware if he makes a move toward you.

· Even though your heart may be beating fast, try to appear relaxed. Dogs sense fear.

· If the dog starts to back away, then you can slowly start to back away, but keep glancing at him. If the dog starts to come toward you again, just stop and wait until he starts to move away again, then slowly back away until he's out of sight.

· If you are riding a bicycle, dismount and stand with the bike between you and the dog. Never try to out run the dog on your bike. It won't happen. Dogs can run faster than you can pedal your bike, and they love to chase things that move. Hopefully when you dismount your bike, the dog will lose interest since he doesn't have something to chase.

· To avoid getting bite, never try to pet a stray dog, or attempt to pet a dog that is either sleeping or eating.

· If you are out walking and a stray dog approaches and starts barking at you, never turn your back on him.

· If a stray dog comes up to you, and isn't acting aggressive, let him sniff you. Just don't make any fast movements that he may interpret as threatening. Most of the time he will just move on after he realizes that you aren't a threat to him.

· If you do get attacked, throw something at the dog, like your coat or purse, or what ever you are carrying at the time. This will distract him for a few seconds which should give you time to climb into your car, on top of a parked car or get inside a store. If he does knock you down before you can get to safety, curl up into a ball and protect your head and neck with your hands and arms. Then seek immediate medical help and report the dog attack to the police.

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