Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

Having fleas is not only uncomfortable for a dog, it makes the owner uneasy as well. The thought of the tiny insects infesting the home makes a person feel itchy all over. In order to prevent this situation, dog owners should learn how to get rid of fleas on dogs.

The life cycle of a flea is three to four months but during that time, it can lay hundreds of eggs. To get rid of fleas on the dog before this happens, wash the canine with a dog flea shampoo or add neem oil or eucalyptus to the regular shampoo. If the dog does not yet have fleas, the critters can be deterred by adding neem oil or eucalyptus to the shampoo.

Groom the dog regularly using a flea comb, dipping the comb in soapy water following each stroke, in order to kill the fleas. Use tea tree oil mixed with water or try aloe vera to provide soothing to any infected areas on the dog's skin. These spots can become quite painful for the dog and treating them will prevent the canine from chewing on the area, making it worse.

Use a chemical or natural flea repellent on the dog to prevent fleas from landing on it in the first place. Spot-on liquid treatments should be placed on the dog's skin in the shoulder blade and tail areas. These contain toxins, so they can be harmful to the dog, the environment, and humans. There are natural treatments such as Flea Away powder, or essential oils that can be placed on the collar or diluted with water and sprayed on the dog. Some of these oils are blended together and offered for purchase as a single product, such as Bite This! sold by Grrroom Dog.

Fleas are attracted to malnourished dogs and defenseless puppies, due to the weak immune systems that these creatures possess. Feeding a dog a raw diet or one that does not contain by-products, digests, food coloring, or chemical preservatives will improve this situation. Adding brewer's yeast or garlic powder or tablets will deter fleas due to the taste. Consult with a veterinarian prior to doing this because too much of these products can be toxic to the animal.

Knowing how to get rid of fleas on dogs will make the canine and its human owner much happier and more comfortable. Bathing with a flea shampoo, grooming with a flea comb, and treating with flea repellent is the recommended course of action. Enhancing the dog's diet with natural foods, garlic, and brewer's yeast will also prevent fleas from coming around.


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