Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What to Know About Dried Dog Food

What your dog eats is very important to their overall health. Dried dog food is just one of the types of food that are available for them. When looking at dried dog food there are a few things that you should think about.

The most common type of dog food is the dry type. They are the easiest to find in a store and can be purchased in a variety of quantities and types. Dried food will have a moisture volume of 5 - 10%. There are a number of reasons why people will rather get their pet dry food and these will include the price ad convenience.

Some of the great things about dry dog food from the owner's perspective are that it is cheaper and lasts longer. It has been shown that per pound dry food is much cheaper than wet or semi wet food. The fact that it is dry will allow it to stay fresh for longer even when opened. It can also be left out all day but this is not recommended for a dog's diet.

From a dog's point of view dry food does have many benefits. One of these benefits is the nutritional value of the food. Dry food is denser in sense of nutrients. This will mean that the dog has to eat more wet food to get the same amount of nutrients that they can get from a small helping of dry food.

When picking out a dry food for your dog you should always read the label. Some kinds of dog food are made of ingredients that do not mimic the natural diet of a canine. Ingredients on the label will always be placed in order of amount meaning that the first ingredient will be the main one. It is important to see if the main ingredients are grains. If this is the case it could be bad for the dog as canines eat meat.

Subdivision of ingredients is often done on the label of dog food. Having ingredients labeled under corn, corn starch and corn meal is an easy way of making it seem like there is less corn in the food. When this is done there may actually be more corn than beef or chicken in the food which can be bad for the dog.

There are a number of things that should be looked at when you are getting dried dog food. It is best to read the label of any food you get your pet.

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