Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting Rid of Dog Lice

Dogs can get lice even if they get groomed and cleaned everyday. This is the most common problem with dogs as they carry lice as a host. Vet should be contacted as soon as the symptoms appear. Early treatment can help in getting rid from this problem in an effective manner. Lice plague has many signs of its occurrence and that should not be ignored. For instance, the plague having lice can cause harsh irritations and can produce signs of illness. Lice in dogs can also bring some other diseases in them and turn them into complicated diseases like dog anemia.

Microscopic structure of dog lice emerges to be flat, gray and wingless. They are scroungers which are around 12 inches long. They very slowly shift from their places and sometimes stick to one place. One very important fact about dog lice is that it can not exist without host's body. It needs a cat or a dog to live on it and to ensure its existence.

These are of two different kinds. First of them bites the skin of the animal and feeds itself on those skin flakes. And the other kind of dog lice attaches strictly itself to the skin of the animal and feeds itself with the blood. The second kind of lice is more dangerous as they not only suck the pet's blood but also cause severe irritation by breaking through the skin and feeding itself on it. If the dog scratches hard and harshly, then you should check him because it is a major sign of having dog lice.

The majority of dog lice find its place in the anus, ears, shoulders or neck. They are pretty big in size and lay their eggs on the pet's hair. You can see those ticks sitting on the pet's hair. They just look like dust pieces in the initial stage. The cure for dog lice is not very difficult. Dog lice can not resist to insecticides and so it should be spread in form of spray to kill those lice. This is the easiest way to cure these.

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