Sunday, July 4, 2010

How to Choose the Best Dog Training Books

Many dog training books promise excellent results that could highly influence us in buying them right off the bat. Trainers and dog lovers alike rely on intelligent tools for dog training that aid us through several stages of training. But how do we really know which training books deliver the result that they promised? Here are 5 simple tips that will help you in choosing a dog training book that really works:

First and foremost make sure that the dog training books you choose promote humane or gentle training methods. Training must be based on positive reinforcement, consistent encouragement and repetition. Consistency is the key, not force.

Secondly, the book must cover in full detail the three primary stages of dog training: helping your puppy to have a good start in life, obedience training and lastly, modify problem behaviour. If the book does not include any of these areas then move on to the next selection.

Thirdly, the techniques that are outlined in the book must be tried, tested and proven to work. Keep in mind that an expensive book is of no use unless it can actually deliver the result that it promises.

Next, the authors of dog training books should be more than willing to back up their products by guaranteeing a full refund. If they are confident enough in the quality of their book, they will offer this guarantee.

And lastly, the author should be able to provide a long list of genuine testimonials of those who have willingly shared their names and feedback about how the book helped them train their own dogs.

If you find the book that you're looking for and correctly apply its techniques, with consistency and repetition, you are sure to succeed in your efforts and end up with a well-trained dog.

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